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A book for those who care about “developing leaders and teams that can achieve their full potential,” Leadership Through Trust and Collaboration is a guide on the most important issues facing leaders in the business world today. But as you read, you’ll see how Ratliff’s advice can be carried over into your personal life.

Ratliff, having worked in Human Resources for a number of years, has written a guide, Leadership Through Trust and Collaboration that approaches leadership in a unique way: addressing the issues which occur in businesses and that come from personality conflicts. She addresses the causes for these conflicts, one of them includes technology. Her quote from Back to Human, by Dan Schawbel sums it up her thoughts:

“When you replace emotional connection with digital connection, you lose the sensation of being present and the feeling of being alive.”

Leadership Through Trust and Collaboration provides a list of obstacles which prevent trust and collaboration in the business world from happening. The list is overwhelming just reading it. Fortunately, Ratliff also offers hope in turning those obstacles into opportunity.

Referencing her struggles when her brother was diagnosed with cancer, and the counseling she received from a friend to help her through that fight, she realized those skills she learned could be applied to other life situations. These she has since used to coach others. They are surprisingly simple human qualities we all should be seeking.  “It’s the simple things in life that are most extraordinary, only wise men are able to understand them.” – The Alchemist.


After learning the five simple elements of life which she suggests, the truth is most people have difficulty practicing them. “We have an abundance of knowledge and an absence of wisdom about how to apply it into our real, every day, hurried lives.” – Ratliff, Leadership Through Trust & Collaboration, pg. 23. Elaborating on this concept through case studies and personal experience, Ratliff shows us how self-control is so important during stressful situations and offers suggestions on how to get a handle on these difficult moments.

I really enjoyed how in Leadership Through Trust and Collaboration Ratliff opens her chapters with words of wisdom in the form of quotes from notable personalities, and then goes on to demonstrate those ideas in gaining beneficial life skills. The read was enjoyable as well as informative.

In this world there are many how-to and life coaching books on the market. Many of them target the business world, and often their advice can be used in our personal lives as well. But none of them impress upon the reader what this book does. What’s unique about Leadership Through Trust and Collaboration is that Jill Ratliff drives home the importance of being a good human being, something which has been lost in our world, or technology, competition, and stress. Its time to remember the best way to nullify conflict.  Joy, kindness, helpfulness, gratefulness and being positive are elements that will make anyone a good leader, especially if they are leading by example.  I like Ratliff’s style!