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What if it didn't matter if there was a crisis in your life or if it was just a regular day at work or home... because you could still enjoy and make the most of each moment?

Course Overview

Keep It Simple

My goal with this course is to take some complex leadership and human potential concepts and make them simple and actionable.

This isn't a comprehensive dive into every aspect of peak performance because no one needs that. We already know more than we can do in our everyday lives.

We need something we can use quickly and intuitively and that's exactly what you'll get in this course.

A single powerful thought can change your day, week, or even your life... And this course has 21 of those. Here's a peek at what's inside:

Introduction & Understanding the World We're Living In

You’ll learn: What I mean when I say “Trust Yourself?” What specifically can you expect to gain from this course. What is happening in our world today and why the ability to lead yourself first is essential to lead others.

Foundational Concepts

Here I will share Keith’s Wisdom; The life changing messages my brother shared with me as he courageously navigated an insanely difficult cancer journey. Although we lost Keith after four amazing years, he left a legacy that not only changed my life but so many others. In addition, we’ll explore 7 powerful ideas that can shift how you look at any challenge you face and create a whole new set of possibilities.

Self Mastery

Self-control is a superpower. The ability to have dominion over your thoughts and emotions is a game changer. You will learn what energy has to do with your human operating system and how to protect and generate the energy you need to thrive as a leader in this challenging world and as a human being!

Relationship Mastery

Your ability to build relationships and manage conflicts are essential to leadership; they are what matter most in the end. The ability to build trust is essential especially as we struggle to communicate across our differences. You will learn some magic skills that will help you know how to build a healthy relationship with ANYONE, regardless of personalities or differences.

Change Mastery

Life is change. Yet, we resist so much about change... Especially when we didn’t ask for it or agree with it. Resilience in the face of adversity, both large and small everyday challenges, is a skill essential to leading others through transformation and to living a happy life in this fast paced 21st Century.

Bringing it Home

In this last module, we’ll summarize and simplify the most powerful messages of this course and how to live, lead, and love life. The choices you can make everyday to take your power back and enjoy the journey!


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The Trust Yourself Guarantee

I want to make this course a complete no-brainer for you because I know how powerful it is. That’s why I trust you to test this course out, see if it’s right for you, and if for any reason within the next 30 days you decide it’s not a good fit… just reach out to me and I’ll refund you every single penny. It’s as simple as that!


From the moment you meet Jill, or Coach J. as I call her, you know you’re in the presence of an exceptional human being. It is her clear confidence and comfort in her own skin that makes her a tremendous thought partner, guide and coach. Jill helped me navigate a difficult transition back to work after my first child; I was headed for a cliff. With such simple, clear and thoughtful guidance, she shifted my perspective entirely. And suddenly the world was full of possibility. Jill lives in a world of possibility, of opportunity and positivity – she helped me see that at every opportunity I had a choice – the choice to be my highest, best self. It changed everything.

Avina Gupta
PhD Leadership Development Chick-fil-A


Jill has guided me through four C-Suite transitions over the past 10+ years. She is one of my trusted Advisors and one of the first people I call when I hit a leadership or life roadblock. Jill’s book is a must read for practical, in the moment, advise for anything from leading a large transformation to making it through a challenging day at the office. I’m thrilled the world gets to benefit from her wisdom that I use to lead every day. Buy the book, go hear her speak, and if you’re fortunate enough to get on her calendar, hire her to be your coach!

Peter Walker
CFO & EVP Sterling Talent Solutions


As an executive, it is a daily occurrence to juggle and stretch to perform at the highest level. I was fortunate to meet Jill through a high potential program that paths leaders to the C-suite. Until that time, I found myself working incredibly hard and the work was often tiring; While finding professional success, found the energy it took to support my career and family priorities drained me at the end of each day. Jill’s leadership coaching os the best investment anyone could make in their career. She is a brilliant executive “whisperer” that advises with the most authentic spirit. She works with purpose and it shows. Read her book, take her course, and you will begin to see that you are always “in choice.”

Angela Navarro
President & Managing Partner Beecher | Reagan

Meet Your Instructor

Jill Ratliff is an Author, Executive Coach, and Leadership Speaker. Prior to starting her own leadership consultancy, she served as Executive Vice President at Assurant Specialty Property, a $2B financial services organization. Jill has more than 20 years of Fortune 100 Human Resources Management experience. She also held key senior positions such as Executive Vice President of Human Resources for ING North America, Director of Leadership Development for ADP and Director of Corporate Human Resources for PepsiCo’s Taco Bell Corporation. She began her career in a sales role for Dow Chemical Company. Her strength is in making the complex simple and straightforward. Jill provides thought leadership and execution of “People & Culture” initiatives that align to and help drive exceptional business results. She has worked extensively in environments facing large-scale transformational change. She is an Amazon #1 new release Best seller in Business Leadership with her book, Leadership through Trust & Collaboration: Practical Tools for Today’s Results- Driven Leader. She recently also assumed the role of Senior Leadership Advisor for Beecher-Reagan’s Leadership Results Practice. Beecher Reagan is a global search and leadership firm specializing exclusively in senior professional services in the consulting talent market.

In the community, Jill currently serves on the Executive Committee for the Board of Directors for Junior Achievement. She was also Co-President for EMERGE, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering women by advancing their education. Jill has been a mentor for 14 years with Pathbuilders, an organization that helps high-performing women accelerate their careers.

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